The Andrew Scott Media YouTube channel is a rapidly growing offering of views and reviews for those in the home content creation space, especially those in the home voiceover sphere, with dozens of videos, hundreds of subscribers, and thousands of hours of watch-time. Yes, we are small now, but we are averaging 20% growth in subscribership per month, and more importantly, our followers are passionate, trust Andrew’s advice, and are in a demographic that is actively looking to better understand the technology of A/V recording and production in order to make an informed buying decision.

Andrew Scott Media is happy to entertain solicitations and sponsorship offers from brands or manufacturers of equipment used in A/V content creation, with a concentration on equipment used for voiceover, audiobook creation, and podcast production.

Here are some important points to consider when contacting ASMedia regarding working relationships:


Gear Reviews:


  • [RIGHT TO RETAIN] The product will not be returned: Unless specific prior arrangements are made, and you pay for any packaging and return shipping, any product you send to Andrew Scott Media in an unsolicited way will not be returned to you, and will be legally considered a gift, with no future consideration.
  • [DONATIVE INTENT] Please be clear and explicit about the intention behind sending ASMedia the device in question: Is this for private professional assessment and user R&D feedback? For blog or written review? For inclusion in a video?
  • [EDITORIAL RIGHTS] We may choose NOT to include your product in a future video: ASMedia tries to use and develop an opinion on every product before we include it in a video. If Andrew Scott or a producer with ASMedia doesn’t think it’s a good fit, we reserve the right to not review or include it in a feature video. We can let you know if that’s the case, and can ship the product back to you if needed (with prior payment arrangements having been made).
  • [CONTENT INTEGRITY] You have no editorial input: ASMedia and/or Andrew Scott cannot share the content prior to release for your review or approval, and you will not get an advance copy of the video. We welcome any advertising material, spec sheets, or information you want to provide in order to help us evaluate your product. If we have questions about the behavior of the product, we will contact you for clarification. ASMedia reserves the right to include what we feel relevant to our viewers and subscribers.
  • [EMBARGOES] We will honor your embargo: If you need ASMedia to hold a video until a certain date, we are happy to honor NDA’s and Embargoes.
  • [FAIR COMPARISON] Your competitor’s products may appear in the video: We often compare one product to another to help showcase how a product performs, and where the product fits in the spectrum of quality, value, and utility. This helps purchasers make an informed decision, and keeps all the products and reviews honest.
  • [HONEST CRITIQUE] We reserve the right to point out any flaws or concerns we find with the product: This is part of fair and honest reviews. If parts are cheaply made, break easily, or underperform, we reserve the right to point these issues out to our followers.
  • [RIGHT to SELF-REMUNERATION] We may include affiliate links to the product: This helps support the channel and is one of the ways ASMedia is compensated outside of a formal sponsorship.
  • [RIGHT OF SCHEDULING] It may take a while to create the video: ASMedia is a small boutique creatorship, and Andrew Scott is also a working voice actor. If you have a specific deadline for a video release, we will do our best to honor that date, but in the case of any and all unsolicited equipment gifts sent for review, we will release when our schedule and project workflow permits.
  • [RIGHT TO DISCLAIM] ASMedia will inform viewers about the origination of the piece of equipment in question: ASMedia will make clear to its viewers and subscribers that it is not beholden to any manufacturer or brand, that no editorial control or consideration is given to any manufacturer or brand for the equipment in any given video, and that ASMedia is giving a fair and honest assessment of the equipment in question.

Example of a disclaimer statement in an unsponsored video:

“Full Disclosure: I was sent this [thing in question] unsolicited for review, and [brand] has allowed me to keep it, but they get no editorial say in this video. They see it at the same time you see it. My opinions on this thing are my own, the manufacturer is not paying me to say specific things about it, and I am not representing [brand] in any official capacity. These are wholly and totally my personal and professional views on it.”

Sponsored Videos:

Sponsored Videos are made generally within the same framework as above, but afford the commissioning company more brand or product exposure and placement.

In addition to ALL of the above:

  • [MODIFIED RIGHT TO RETAIN] Production costs of videos can be reduced or eliminated when the value of the item or device is factored in: In the event that ASMedia is contracted to produce a review video before receiving an item, and it is negotiated that ASMedia is allowed to keep the item in question, the MSRP of said item will be deducted from the sponsorship costs.
  • [HIGHER VISIBILITY OPTIONS] ASMedia can support brand reinforcement with more prominent brand placement: ASMedia is happy to include motion graphics or other brand identity elements (if provided. If creation is required, there will be an additional production cost) in a product review video. This can drive engagement and interest.
  • [MODIFIED RIGHT TO DISCLAIM] ASMedia will inform viewers about the sponsored nature of the video: ASMedia will make clear to its viewers and subscribers that a video is sponsored, that the review was commissioned by the manufacturer, and whether or not ASMedia was allowed to keep equipment in exchange for the labor invested in the production of the commissioned video.
  • [CONTENT INTEGRITY II] You have no editorial input: ASMedia and/or Andrew Scott will not share the content prior to release for your review or approval, and you will not get an advance copy of the video, even if the video is commissioned by the manufacturer in exchange for consideration (an item being reviewed). ASMedia will remain unbeholden to any manufacturer or brand, will give no editorial control to a manufacturer in exchange for equipment in any given video.

Example of a disclaimer statement in a sponsored video:

“Today’s video is sponsored by [brand] and their new [thing in question]. Now in the interest of full disclosure: [brand] reached out to me to see if I was interested in reviewing [thing in question] and I said “sure!” Now, [brand] has allowed me to keep it in exchange for the time and effort it took to produce this video (or paid me to produce this video), but as always, they get absolutely no editorial say in this video whatsoever. They see it at the same time you see it. If I find flaws or don’t like it, I’m going to say so. My opinions on this thing are my own, not the talking points of the manufacturer.”

If you have any further questions, or have equipment or devices to send to ASMedia for review, please contact us for shipping details by emailing ANDREW@ANDREWSCOTTMEDIA.COM.

Thank you to Mike DelGaudio (YouTube’s BOOTH JUNKIE) for help in creating this guide. Some elements above are from his website, and are used by permission.